galvnaized single door roof hatch for ladder access

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Our MEZZ-RHG roof hatches are manufactured for the greatest durability in the most extreme weather conditions for many years of dependable use, especially in the most extreme of conditions the weather can throw at it.

The MEZZ-RHG roof hatch is made with 14 gauge galvanized steel with a 12" high curb and a 3-1/2" mounting flange to Galvanized steel roof hatchessecure to deck of roof. Rigid 1" thick fiberglass insulation surrounds the perimeter of the curb. The cover of the roof hatch has a 14 gauge galvanized steel exterior with 1" thick rigid fiberglass insulation between that and the 22 gauge liner.

The roof hatch finish is a heavy duty thick red oxide applied powder coat. This baked on finish is non toxic and scratch resistant. Other color options are available for an additional charge. Our state of the art facility can match nearly any color you want.

Hardware includes a heavy duty hold open arm, an strong tamper proof hinge, greased compression springs enclosed in telescopic tubes, interior padlock, and an interior and exterior turn handle latch.

With a secure roof hatch in mind, the tamper proof hinges are entirely
contained within our roof hatches as part of the spring assembly, allowing no exterior access to pins and other components, providing the greatest security for your facility.

galvanized steel roof hatchesHeavy duty greased compression springs counterbalance the roof hatchdoor to require no more than 10 lbs opening force. This enables asmooth opening every time.

The galvanized roof hatch cover has been tested and approved to support a minimum live load of 40 psf.

The steel roof hatches are available in a variety of options for custom applications: aluminum door, stainless steel curb and door, insulated double wall curb, sloped curb to match pitch of the roof and stainless steel hardware. Also available is a curb mounting option for use with a pre-built curb. Please consult factory for quotes on any of these options. Also note that roof hatch railing may be required to meet OSHA fall protection requirements for roof hatches.


cad drawing steel roof hatch

Common Sizes :


*All units hinge on second dimension

**Please note: custom roof hatch sizes are available. Please consult factory for lead times and pricing.

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