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Submittal Sheets CSI Specifications • Pitch Corrected Layouts




1.1             Summary

   A            Section includes:

                 1.      Roof hatches installed on or in roofing system indicated on Drawings and specified herein.  Includes related
                          hardware and attachments.  Does not include mechanical or structural items.

                 2.      Safety railing system.

   B            Related Sections:

                 1.      Section 05500 - Metal Fabrications.

                 2.      Section 07720 – Roof Accessories.

                 3.      Section 07721 – Roof Hatch Railing System.

                 4.      Section 07910 - Joint Sealants.

                 5.      Section 09900 – Paints and Coatings.

                 6.      Division 15 – Mechanical.

                 7.      Division 16 – Electrical.

1.2            Submittals

  A            Comply with Section [01300] [01330] [01340] [_______].

  B            Shop Drawings:  Indicate configuration and dimension of components, adjacent construction, required clearances and
                 tolerances, and other affected Work.

                1.       Hatch Units:  Show types, elevations, thickness of metals, and full size profiles.

                2.       Hardware:  Show materials, finishes, locations of fasteners, types of fasteners, locations and types of operating
                          hardware, and details of installation.

                3.       General:  Show connections of units and hardware to other Work.  Include schedules showing location of each
                          type and size of unit.

  C            Product Data:  Manufacturer’s technical data for each type of hatch assembly, including setting drawings, templates,
                [fire-resistive characteristics, ] finish requirements, and details of anchorage devices.

               1.        Include complete schedule, types, locations, construction details, finishes, latching or locking provisions, and
                          other pertinent data.

  D           Manufacturer's Installation Instructions:  Indicate installation requirements and rough-in dimensions.


  E           Quality Control Submittals:

               1.        Statement of qualifications.

  F            Contract Closeout Submittals:  Comply with Section [01700] [01770] [01780] [01790].

               1.        Operating and maintenance manuals.

1.3           Quality Assurance

  A           Comply with Section [01400] [01410] [01430].

  B           Qualifications:

               1.         Manufacturer/Installer:  Company specializing in manufacturing and installation of components specified in this
                           Section with minimum of 5 years documented experience.

  C           Single Source Responsibility:  Obtain roof hatch units and frames for entire Project from 1 source and 1 single

  D           Fire-Resistance Ratings:  Where fire-resistance classification is indicated, provide fire rated units listed by
               Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC), or both.

  E           Regulatory Requirements:

               1.         OSHA Compliance:  Provide hatch safety railing system as required by OSHA Standard 1910.23 and 1910.27
                           and as specified in Section.

1.4           Delivery, Storage, and Handling

  A           Comply with Section [01600] [_______].

  B           Deliver materials to Project site ready use.

  C           Exercise proper care in handling of Work so as not to injure finished surfaces.  Protect Work from damage after it is in

  D           Store materials under cover in a dry and clean location off the ground.  Remove materials that are damaged or
               otherwise not suitable for installation from Project site and replace with acceptable materials at no additional cost to

1.5          WARRANTY

  A          Provide manufacturer's written 5-year warranty per Section [01795] [_______].

  B          Warrant materials and workmanship against defects after completion and final acceptance of Work.

              1.          Repair defects, or replace with new materials, faulty materials or workmanship developed during guarantee
                           period at no expense to Owner.


2.1          Manufacturer
                            9300 73rd Ave. N

                            Brooklyn Park, MN  55428

2.2           Manufactured units

  A           Aluminum Roof Hatches:

               1.           Cover and liner:  11 gauge (0.090-inch) aluminum cover with 1 inch rigid fiberboard insulation and 18 gauge
                             (0.040-inch) aluminum cover liner.

               2.           Curb:  11 gauge (0.090-inch) aluminum curb with 1 inch rigid fiberboard insulation.

  •     OPTIONS:

                             a.          Concrete Installation:  11-gauge aluminum double wall curb (curb liner at exterior).

                             b.          Sloped Roof:  Configure curb to match roof pitch.

               3.           Hinges:  [Zinc plated steel] [Optional Type 316 stainless steel] tamper-proof hinge contained within hatch
                             as part of spring assembly.

               4.           Latch:  [Zinc plated steel] [Optional Type 316 stainless steel] slam latch with turn handle and
                             inside/outside padlock hasps.

  •      OPTIONS:

                             a.          Mortise cylinder preparation to receive special mortise cylinder lock.  Locks specified in Division 8
                                          section “Door Hardware.”

                             b.          Heavy-duty detention deadbolt lock (high security applications) preparation.  Locks specified in
                                          Division 8 section “Door Hardware.”

                5.           Springs:  Greased heavy-duty compression springs in telescoping tubes.

                6.           Hardware:  [Zinc plated steel] [Optional Type 316 stainless steel] hold open arm(s) with rubber handle
                              that automatically locks door when opened.  Furnish hatches with interior padlock hasp and EPDM draft

                7.           Mounting Flanges:

                              a.          Single Wall Curb:  3-1/2 inch.

                              b.          Double Wall Curb:  2-1/2 inch.

                8.           Acceptable Product:  Model B-RHA [Indicate size]


  A           Top rail, mid rail, and chain or swinging gate, with hatch curb acting as toe plate.

                1.             Test load:  200-pounds.

  B           Height:  Minimum 42 inches above finished roof deck.

  C           Pipe:  Galvanized, 1-1/4 inch ID, A53 Grade B seamed pipe or galvanized, 1-5/8 inch OD A500 seamed tube.

  D           Flat Bar:  2 inch by 3/8 inch thickness, A36 mild steel.

  E           Chain System:  3/16-inch proof coil ASTM specification, zinc plated with quick link on fixed end.

  F           Pipe Ends and Tops:  Covered or plugged with weather and light resistant material.

  G           Bolts and Washers:  3/8 inch by 2-1/2 inch, grade Z, zinc plated.

  H           Sealant:  Recommended by manufacturer.

  I             Finish:  Factory-applied hot dipped galvanized.

  J            Acceptable Product:  Hatch Safety Railing System, Model Number XXXX

2.4           FINISHES

  A           General:  Comply with NAAMM's "Metal Finishes Manual for Architectural and Metal Products" for recommendations
                for applying and designating finishes.

  B           Finish designations prefixed by AA comply with system established by Aluminum Association for designating
               aluminum finishes.

  C           Aluminum:  Mill finish.


3.1           EXAMINATION

  A           Comply with Section [01700] [_______].

  B           Verification of Conditions:  Examine areas and conditions under which Work is to be performed and identify conditions
               detrimental to proper or timely completion.

  C           Verify that deck, curbs, roof membrane, base flashing, and other items affecting Work of this Section are in place and
               positioned correctly.

  D           Verify tolerances and correct improper conditions.

  E           Do not proceed until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.

3.2           Installation

  A           Install roof accessory items and components per manufacturer's instructions.

  B           Coordinate installation of components of this Section with installation of roof deck, roof structure, roofing membrane,
               and base flashing.

  C           Coordinate installation of sealant and roofing cement with Work of this Section to ensure water tightness.

  D           Coordinate installation of flashing flanges into reglets.

  E           Separate metal from incompatible metal or corrosive substrates, including wood, by coating concealed surfaces, at
                locations of contact, with bituminous coating or providing other permanent separation.

  F            Flange Seals:  Unless otherwise indicated, set flanges of accessory units in a thick bed of roofing cement to form a

3.3           ADJUSTING

  A           Adjust movable parts for smooth operation.

  B           Operational Units:  Test-operate units with operable components.  Clean and lubricate joints and hardware.  Adjust for
                proper operation.

3.4           CLEANING

  A           Clean exposed surfaces per manufacturer's written instructions.  Touch up damaged metal coatings.


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